Quacks using vet medicines held and released

Nov 30, -0001
By Ashiq Hussain Shah

HYDERABAD: Medicines made for veterinary use have been given to humans in Hyderabad, SAMAA reported Friday.

However, it didn’t prove to be enough reason for the provincial Health Department to take stern action against those involved and the relevant officials released the quacks arrested red handed.

Health Department team raided shops run by quacks in Phuleli, Pritabad and Noorani Basti and arrested 4 quacks and recovered veterinary medicine and injections that were being given to humans. However, the quacks were released after a few hours.

Residents of Phuleli and Pritabad staged a protest demonstration against their release in front of Press Club. The demonstrators demanded that action should be taken against corrupt staff of the health department and those involved in quackery.

EDO Health Dr Baksh Ali said that the quacks accepted that they were using veterinary medicine and injections on humans; however they were released after they gave written assurance that they will not do it again. SAMAA



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