Baloch liberation group claims UNHCR kidnapping

Nov 30, -0001
QUETTA: An organisation calling itself the Baloch Liberation United Front has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of the UNHCR's Balochistan chief John Solecki.
This information came in the form of a telephone call from an unknown location from a person identified as Mir Shehak Baloch. "We want the United Nations to secure the release of 141 women in Pakistani torture cells, provide information about more than 6,000 missing persons, and resolve the issue of Baluch independence under the Geneva Convention.
If our demands are not met, [Solecki's] life will be in danger," Mir Shehak Baloch said.
John Solecki, head of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) office in the southwestern city of Quetta was snatched on February 2, after gunmen ambushed his car and shot dead his driver.
The group has not been heard of before, and the name is confusingly similar to the well known Baluchistan Liberation Front.

Separatist militants have fought a low-scale insurgency for decades in Baluchistan, the largest but most thinly populated of Pakistan's four provinces.

The separatists want greater political and economic rights for ethnic Baluch, who believe the rest of Pakistan is exploiting their mineral and oil and gas resources.




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