The bravery of PC Samiullah in a Peshawar bomb blast

Nov 30, -0001
By Tariq Waheed

PESHAWAR: It was the biggest attack in Peshawar’s history, on September 6, 2008 when a suicide bomb blast took place at the adjacent Bada Bair Kohat Road near a police picket. It could have proven more devastating if the bomber had entered to the actual city. It was Police Constable Samiullah who first stopped the suspect vehicle and warned the other police that something was afoot.

“I talked Samiullah just 20 minutes before the explosion on September 6 and asked him when he would come home,” said his elder brother. “He replied that he would get leave once a colleague relieved him. I called him again when I heard the news of the blast on television. But his cell phone was off. We searched for him then but we could not even find his body. It is really very painful to be separated from my brother but I am also proud to be the brother of a martyr.”

Samiullah, who hailed from Palosi, joined the NWFP police just a year ago. His family was preparing for his wedding next month. Now his room is just deserted. His family hangs his photograph over the shelf to comfort themselves that he is still with them.

“People come here for condolences and we tell them that not to be upset but congratulate us,” said a relative. |They do. Because he sacrificed his life for the country and his officials. It is shameful for the NWFP police because when Malik Saheb was martyred all the senior police officials, including the IGP, visited his house. But why not for my humble son Samiullah? Because he was a constable, that’s why.”

Seven policemen died on September 6 but the bodies of Samiullah and his colleague Shahnawaz could not be found. Funeral prayers in absentia were offered for them. The family is sad that they could not receive his body but they are also proud that their loved one lost his life to save hundreds others.

“He was the first person to approach the vehicle loaded with explosives,” said a police official. “He stopped it. When he stopped the vehicle and the terrorist thought that it was impossible to bypass Samiullah, he detonated himself. The provincial government and the police department are doing their best. The policy is that the salary of a martyr will be paid for 60 years and the heirs will be given a plot of land. Samiullah was unmarried thus his brother, if he is able, would be offered a job with the police.” SAMAA (Sept. 24, 2008)





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