Matric exam students 'fail' cheating test

Nov 30, -0001
By Nazish Ayaz

KARACHI: Hundreds of cheat sheets were uncovered at one school Tuesday by Sharmila Farooqui, who Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah tasked with snap checking at examination centres for the Matriculation papers.

"The parents are involved," said Farooqui while talking to SAMAA on the spot one examination centre. She also displayed the sheets. "They threaten the principals as well if they don't allow cheating." She brought forward Ms S, one of the principals, who complained that everyone knew that she wouldn't allow cheating in her school but despite that pressure was exerted on her to allow it.

"The parents give their children money to buy the cheat sheets," Farooqui said, adding that most of the students were boys. "Their parents are to blame and don't they know that they are affecting their child's future?"

Farooqui said that she checked centres in the morning and found cheating but when she returned in the afternoon, the same thing was going on. When she called the police, they said that there wasn't enough force.

"How can the government go around checking every student and invigilator when so many people are involved," she said. Thousands of students sit their class 9 exams each year in hundreds of centres across Sindh.

In many cases, the brothers and sisters of the students sitting the exams pelt the police with stones when they come to clamp down. Teachers have been known to also throw stones at the police and prevent them from entering the centre.





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