UCLA researchers ‘locate bin Laden’

Nov 30, -0001
A group of UCLA scientists thinks it may have answered a question that has baffled the most powerful military machine on Earth: where is Osama bin Laden?

“In informal conversations in the Geography Department at UCLA, we began to ask ourselves if the biogeographic theories we use every day – theories that predict how plants and animals distribute themselves over space and over time – employed in conjunction with publicly available satellite imagery, could shed some light on this question,” write Thomas Gillespie and colleagues in the MIT International Review.

“… By bringing these methodologies to bear, it is our hope that a long overdue debate might bring bin Laden back to the fore of the public consciousness – and possibly to justice.”

Combining facts about his behaviour and last known whereabouts with satellite images, the researchers narrow down his possible location to three buildings in the northwest Pakistan town of Parachinar. "If he's still alive, he honestly could be sitting there right now," says Gillespie. NATURE.COM
(Image: Parachinar, 12 miles from the last known location of bin Laden, Tora Bora / UCLA)


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