JI leader miffed at people's reaction to watermelon distribution

Social media users poke fun at 'novel' idea
May 18, 2022
Source: Ahmad Salman Baloch/Twitter
Source: Ahmad Salman Baloch/Twitter

As people across Pakistan sear under sweltering hot temperature, a local politician came up with a novel - and cheap - idea to help them in their efforts to stay cool. 

In a bid to stand out, Ahmad Salman Baloch, a Jamaat-e-Islami leader from Lahore, decided to distribute watermelons among people.

"Heatwave, sweltering heat: A gift of fresh sweet watermelon from Jamaat-e-Islami to people. Prayers for rain," tweeted Baloch. 

He gathered people on a room and seated them in front of a table full of the green fruit where they waited for their turn to receive the juicy fruit as gift. 

They posed one by one as Baloch handed water melon with his name carved on it. 

However, when the visuals from the watermelon distribution ceremony made their way to social media, people reacted with range of emotions – some appreciation, more sarcasm. 

The reaction did not impress Baloch who said people failed to see the “larger cause” behind the activity. 

Baloch said the watermelon were distributed among children for whom his party routinely hold get together and fun activities. 

The reaction, however, failed to deter Baloch from repeating this act – although with a different fruit – in the future. He is already thinking of ideas for the upcoming mango season. 

“Sweet mangoes arrive [in the market] after June 1. After eating the first mango of the season, [we will] brainstorm ideas on how to turn mangoes into watermelon.” 

The reaction 

The social media pounced on the chance to poke fun at a this unusual activity. 

“Watermelon with water mark,” one user called it before asking the party what was wrong with it. 

One user couldn’t believe his eyes seeing watermelons being distributed among people.  

Some users were critical of Baloch using for this simple act to show off. 

One user said the party is gearing up for the elections by distribution watermelons. 

One user called it “Another Miracle of Jamaat-e-Islami" 




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