US denies sending 'threat' letter to Pakistan

State Department says all allegations are baseless
US denies sending letter to Pakistan—Photo: File
US denies sending letter to Pakistan—Photo: File

The US State Department has denied sending any letter to Pakistan, which Prime Minister Imran Khan said "carried threat against his government."

According to a story published by Dawn News, the State Department spokesperson called the allegations baseless.

“There is no truth to these allegations," said the spokesperson when asked about the alleged letter and US involvement in the no-confidence motion against the prime minister.

At a public rally in Islamabad’s Parade Ground on March 27, the prime minister claimed his government had received a “written threat” from outside the country and it was evidence of a foreign-funded conspiracy against the government.

“The contents of the letter, apparently, are based on informal discussions between Pakistani and other officials,” the report said while quoting a diplomatic source.

“The contents, if correct, show a set of friendly officials from various countries indulging in some loud-thinking and probing. Nothing more,”

The letter and its content

On Wednesday, PM Imran Khan discussed the "foreign threat" letter with journalists and military leadership.

Citing sources, SAMAA TV reported that the letter was sent by Pakistan Ambassador to the Unites States Asad Majeed Khan after his meeting with the US secretary of state.

Other reports claimed that the letter was not written by a foreign government but by an ambassador and contained assessment of bilateral relations between Pakistan and a western country.

The prime minister shared the contents of the letter with a group of journalists who included SAMAA TV's Imran Riaz Khan.

Imran Riaz Khan said that the letter was not shown to journalists but the contents of the letter were revealed.

“It is a conversation between two officials of Pakistan and the other country, as per my understanding, it is the US. The government, however, did not name the country, neither shared the number of officials or the meeting venue,” he said.

“They didn’t show us the letter as were bound not to share the details under the law,” he said.

Khan said that journalists were told that the language used in the letter was arrogant and threatening.

It is a document that tells that Americans have threatened that if no-confidence against Imran Khan fails, there would be consequences and if it succeeds, "the US would forgive Pakistan’s mistakes," added Khan.

There letter mentioned Pakistan’s stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and PM's visit to Russia. According to the letter, the US officials believe the prime minister decided on his own to visit Moscow.

According to Khan, this is an official document and it cannot be negated.

The government interpreted that the said country linked its foreign policy with the prime minister's exit.

About Nawaz Sharif’s involvement in the episode, the journalists were told that his meeting with various diplomats in London created the impression that the prime minister is against the US.



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