Father attends daughter's graduation not as guest but fellow graduate

Father daughter duo appears on SAMAA TV's Naya Din
Mar 17, 2022

Peshawar's Dr Nadia Masood was ecstatic as she was to receive her doctorate degree. Her father also attended the convocation, but he was not sitting with other guests. He queued up behind her to receive his own doctorate degree.

Dr Masood and her father Dr Muhammad Masood got the unique honour of receiving their PhD degrees on the same day.

Dr Muhammad Masood, who is also an associate professor at University of Engineering and Technology, did his doctorate in Mechatronics and Dr Nadia in Electronic Engineering.

Speaking on SAMAA TV's program Naya Din Dr Muhammad Masood said he was unable to complete his doctorate due to some difficulties. So when her daughter expressed her desire to pursue a doctorate, they decided to do it together.

"She received her MSc degree in 2016 and was considering to do PhD. I told her I was also thinking [to do my PhD]. She liked the idea and we took the [entrance] test which we passed."

He added that there was a competition between them as to who would complete their doctorate first. "I thought she would complete it before me, but by Allah's grace, we did it together," he said.

Dr Muhammad Masood said during his degree, he sought help and guidance from his daughter.

"I wanted to do some simulation and needed MATLAB. I had forgotten [it] as I studied it long [time] ago. So I asked her for the program and she helped me with it."

Dr Nadia said her father is extremely supportive.

"He is [the] best father and seeing us like this, other fathers in the society should also support their daughters [as] education is most important thing in the world"

She did her research in Artificial Intelligence and also received funding under the Commonwealth PhD Scholarships program.

She spent one and a half year at the UK's Durham University.

Dr Masood has two other daughters who have MBAs.



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