Sana Javed controversy: Everything you need to know

She was accused of being unprofessional, rude and insecure
Mar 15, 2022

Sana Javed became the centre of controversy last week after make-up artists Ikram Gohar and Ryan Thomas accused her of being rude, unprofessional and insecure.

Sana responded to the allegations with a legal notice against those who spoke out against her and they also included other make-up artists and models.

The controversy erupted after model Manal Saleem had shared on Instagram her experience of working with a "entitled" actor, who insulted her and made her feel small at a shoot.

Where many more people have come forward backing the allegations against Sana, a few A-list actors, including Fahad Mustafa, came out in her defense, which didn't sit well with some people.

Those who are upset with Fahad Mustafa and Nadeem Baig for praising what they called Sana's "extremely professional" conduct argue that people who are speaking out against her are make-up artists and models who don't hold the same authority or influence as megastars and big producers.

Watch this video to find out more about the controversy and where the entertainment experts think it is heading.

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Sana Javed

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