Kangana Ranaut bashes Bollywood for not 'noticing' The Kashmir Files

Actor comes down hard on the film industry

Kangana Ranaut launched into a tirade against Bollywood for not acknowledging or saying a word of appreciation for the recently released The Kashmir Files.

Kangana Ranaut, who was in the news since the premiere of her reality OTT show Lock Upp, is back to slamming Bollywood. This time, she is upset with those who are not promoting or praising The Kashmir Files.

"The Kashmir Files has shattered box office records," wrote Kangana on Instagram. "Today's numbers will be unbelievable, much more than the entire budget of the film itself. The conscience of India is finally awakening."

She then went on to target Bollywood by asking her followers to notice the film industry's "pin-drop silence" on the film.

Photo: Instagram/Kashmir Files

The Kashmir Files stars Anupam Kher, Pallavu Joshi, Amaan Iqbal, Darshan Kumar, among others. According to reports by Indian media, the film is based on the "genocide of Kashmiri pundits in the 1990s".

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