Pakistanis to make money from Facebook videos

Pilot project is underway after major policy change

Facebook monetization allows content creators across the globe to earn money by allowing ads on their videos. It has been enabled in many parts of the world for quite sometime but content creators from Pakistan have not been able to benefit from this. However, this is about to change.

The Ministry for Information and Technology announced that Meta - the parent company that owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has decided to enable video monetization for Facebook in the country.

Facebook makes a ton of money off ads. While most people are somewhat familiar with the concept of Facebook Ads not many are aware of the prospect of monetizing their videos on the platform.

This is mainly due to the fact that Facebook video monetization is a fairly new concept and, until recently, was only available to a limited number of Facebook partners. 

The ministry said that Meta will make a pilot project for video monetization then the policies will be introduced as it thinks that directly allowing monetization could be risky.

Officials said that Meta also have reservations regarding the regulatory framework in Pakistan.

Here are the three ways to monetize Facebook videos:

  • Brand Collabs Manager
  • Fan Subscriptions
  • In-Stream Ads

How some Pakistanis already monetize videos

Currently, some select media organizations and individuals have their videos monetized. But for this they have to hire services of companies in countries like Singapore or UAE and apply for monetization from those regions.

Once it's enabled, everyone producing video content will be able to make money of their content.

This is a long-winded process and requires investment, something individual Facebook content creators, especially newbies, cannot afford.



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