Watch: Lion loses its cool with Hareem Shah

Animal was apparently being used as prop at shoot
Photo: Instagram/Hareem Shah
Photo: Instagram/Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah is back in the spotlight. This time, with a lion.

Hareem Shah never lets herself slide from the news. Be it slapping a cleric or claiming to smuggle money abroad, Hareem's social media ensures there's no dearth of controversies surrounding her.

In the latest video she has uploaded, Hareem is backing away from a lion at shoot as it tries to get to her. The man who brings in the lion can be seen struggling to restrain it while Hareem screams.

In January, Hareem created a storm online with a video in which she showed off bundles of foreign currency notes and claimed having smuggled it from Pakistan. After FIA sprang into action, Hareem backtracked on her statement and said that the money came from the sale of her sister's car in London.

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Hareem Shah

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