Another 'threatened' leopard killed in AJK's Jhelum

Residents tied, dragged it with ropes
Photo: Samaa Digital
Photo: Samaa Digital

Nearly 200 residents of Jhelum's Sarai village in Azad Jammu and Kashmir tied a wandering leopard with ropes and dragged it to death Tuesday morning.

According to the wildlife department, the threatened animal entered the village and attacked two people. They suffered minor injuries.

"In a move of self-defense, residents tied the leopard with ropes and dragged him out of the village," the officer said. "Due to the pushing and pulling, the animal died."

When the wildlife team reached the site, the animal was no more. It has moved the leopard's body to the hospital for a post-mortem examination.

This is the second reported killing of the animal in AJK this year. Earlier in January, a wounded leopard was found on the bank of the Neelum River. It was taken to Islamabad for treatment. The animal, unfortunately, couldn't survive.

Its post-mortem revealed the leopard was shot either by locals or hunters. The x-Ray revealed 5-6 pellets from rifle were lodged inside the leopard's spine and neck.

According to a survey, the population of leopards in Pakistan ranges from 150 to 200. The animals are predominantly spread in Kashmir. They have been declared "near threatened" by the International Union of Conservation.

Reports reveal more than 60 common leopards have been killed in Azad Jammu and Kashmir in the last seven years despite a ban.

What to do if a wild animal comes into a human habitat

According to wildlife experts, if a leopard or any other wild animal enters a village or a human habitat there are three things that should be done instead of killing it:

  • Make loud noises or talk loudly
  • Clap or clatter
  • Create a passage for the animal to return. If you gather around it, it will get overwhelmed and attack in self-defense
  • Call the wildlife department


Azad Jammu and Kashmir

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