Twitter trends ‘Delete Facebook’ after company’s daily user-bank shrinks

Zuckerberg terms TikTok a big competition

Twitter users have called on people to delete Facebook as the major social media platform already loses users and its stock continues to slump.

Facebook has reportedly lost half a million daily users globally in the last three months. The stock of the parent company, Meta, dropped over 26% Thursday.

According to Daily Mail, the company's total value is on pace to lose nearly $200 billion.

Facebook’s daily user-bank shrank for the first time in eighteen years, the company said. It reported a loss between the last two quarters of 2021.

Social media users have slammed Facebook for compromising the data and sharing it with government agencies.

One of the users said: “delete Facebook is trending not because Zuckerberg lost money. It’s trending because Facebook is essentially a branch of the Federal Government’s intelligence agencies and now people know it.”

“I deleted my Facebook account in 2017 after their role in the 2016 elections, and haven't looked back. It's not hard to kick the habit. Their own execs limit the time their families spend on it because they know the harm it causes,” another user wrote.

A Twitter user expressed his concerns about Facebook being “semi-hostile and semi-weird”.

“Deleting Facebook is a personal decision. I find Facebook to be oddly disconcerting in a way I can’t put my finger on,” he said. “It also freaks me out when I sneeze and Facebook starts pitching cold remedies to me.”

Talking to AFP, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that “competitive services” have halted the growth which caused them to shift their focus to introduce Instagram Reels.

“People have a lot of choices for how they want to spend their time, and apps like TikTok are growing very quickly,” he added.

Zuckerberg described TikTok as a big competitor as it continued to grow at a “fast rate”.

Meta, which owns the world's second-biggest digital advertising platform after Google, also said it had been hit by privacy changes on Apple's operating system.

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