Ali Haider's new song is a tongue twister

It's for everyone who dreams big
Feb 01, 2022

Ali Haider is back with a song for everyone who dreams big.

Ali Haider is credited with redefining the Pakistani pop scene in the 1990s along with Junaid Jamshed, Strings, Shehzad Roy, Hadiqa Kiani. He ventured into music in 1988 with his first album Jane Jan Sun and continued with several hit singles and more albums. Ali is best known for Poorani Jeans, which many people call his signature song.

Ali had been keeping a low profile for the past few years with hardly any new releases, but now he is back with another song, Larallallala Lulu.

"It's a story of people who dream," Ali said on SAMAA TV's morning show Naya Din. "Everyone dreams and their dreams are big."

Ali has been in the United States for his children's education. "But I have represented Pakistan at many big events here, and I'm grateful that I still get to represent my country."

When asked about his favourite singers, Ali named Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Atif Aslam, Aima Baig and Asim Azhar as they have made a name for themselves not only in Pakistan, but across the border as well.

Ali shared his views on how music from the 1990s differs from songs being produced today.

"We used to put a great amount of hard work into an album for two and, sometimes, for three years, made twenty songs, then selected eight or nine of them," Ali said. "Singers took time and relied a bit less on machines. But even with these gadgets today, only those singers are successful who first see what suits their voice and if they really need them."

Watch the video to find out the idea behind the title of Ali's new song.

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