Take your children to MagnifiScience Centre in Karachi

They will learn through fun and games
MagnifiScience Centre: Rekindling love for science

The MagnifiScience Centre in Karachi is the country’s first-of-its-kind interactive science centre which offers hands-on experience of complex scientific concepts.

The institute pledges to show how actual formulae of science worked so that they could be thoroughly understood. It is not just for children and teenagers but also for elders.

The colonial-era balcony of the gatehouse welcomes you to a three-storey building with a science garden.

Kids World Karachi

The ground floor has a market, hospital, bus stop and a construction zone.

Children experience the complete process of brewing tea in a traditional Dhaba-style set-up.

The science centre engages children in an activity “fix the body parts” where magnetic bones are given and they are asked to create their version of a human skeleton. The children are given lab coats and they can play a doctor inside the ambulance.

The major attraction in this section is a truck activity where cultural truck poetry is broken and visitors have to make their own poems or sentences through those broken couplets.

World Within Us

The aim of this section is all about the human body and illusion. It develops an understanding of how the human body of each individual is similar, yet unique. It has a human body section, light section, and sound section.

Watch your world turn upside down inside the Witch House. The visitors experience a spinning house and learn about the concept of rotational motion.

Physical World

The section is dedicated to mathematics, energy, and forces and motion.

The science centre is open from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday till Thursday with an entry ticket of Rs700.

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