CricKatha: The Kathak hidden in cricket

Performer Uzma shares the idea behind the unique blend
Jan 31, 2022

Ever noticed similarities between the classical dance Kathak and cricket? Performer Uzma will break it down for you.

“I was rehearsing in my studio,” Uzma told SAMAA TV. “I was choreographing my performance with a ball, which landed on the other side of the water. I descended into the pool doing Kathak moves and brought the ball back. Then I imagined children around throwing the ball for me to catch.”

Filmmaker Fazal Ahmed noticed Uzma’s performance and together they developed the blend of cricket and Kathak. “We named it CricKatha.”

Uzma has been performing and teaching Kathak for 16 years. 

“We have been watching cricket since childhood and it’s almost printed on our minds,” she said. “We know the movements of the bowlers, batsmen, etc. When you incorporate that movement in your dance, you have to make it felt because you, being the dancer, don’t have the ball. You have to show it with your movements.”

Watch CricKatha here.

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