Donkey Day in Mexico

Nov 30, -0001

OTUMBA: In the 16th-century rural Mexican town of Otumba, donkeys are kings for a day as residents celebrated the annual day of the donkey on Thursday.

In a twist on traditional May Day celebrations, the festival honours the hard work of the donkey, in particular its historic contribution to the production of a local alcoholic drink called "pulque."

Spectators fawned over dozens of donkeys dressed from head to hoof in a wide variety of costumes such as a dairy farmer and member of Mexico's national football team.

"This fair starts with the donkey's carnival, where it is dressed up in different costumes, artists or of a tourist destination," said local, Gustavo Reyes.

The festival is well known across Mexico with many flocking to the small town to catch festivities such as donkey polo, a donkey calling contest and the crowning of Miss Donkey.

"I think it's (great) that it (festival) is recognised nationally and around the world. We live close by and come every year. I think it's well known around the country and everyone knows this (place) as donkey land," said festival visitor Olivia Flores. – Reuters



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