Hareem Shah urges FIA to provide evidence before freezing accounts

She is currently in London

TikToker Hareem Shah has opened up after the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) wrote letters to two banks to freeze her accounts over possible money laundering.

“If you [FIA] want to freeze my accounts give the evidence first,” she said. “I only learned from the media that my accounts are getting frozen.”

Talking to Geo News on Friday, Shah further said she will cooperate in the probe.

Hareem accused the FIA of having “personal grudges” against her and asked why the agency has shared the personal documents with media.

“I am enjoying here in London and none of the British authorities have contacted me yet,” said Hareem.

On January 12, she had posted a video to Instagram with several bundles of foreign currency notes and claimed to have smuggled a “heavy amount” from Pakistan to the UK.

The TikToker, however, retracted the claim and said she had recorded the video as a prank.

In an exclusive conversation with SAMAA TV, Hareem Shah had said the money shown in the video came from the sale of her sister’s car in London.

The video didn’t go unnoticed and the FIA announced a money-laundering probe against her.

Hareem Shah had travelled to the UK via Doha, taking a flight from Karachi to Doha on January 10.

FIA officials say Hareem Shah travelled under her real name Fiza Hussain.

The agency has written to two banks in Lahore and Karachi to freeze accounts in Hareem’s name.

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