Rent a bridal outfit worth up to Rs1m in Karachi

You can keep some of the dresses for seven days
Jan 27, 2022

Ever walked into a boutique to get your hands on designer outfits but returned heartbroken because your wallet wouldn’t permit the purchase?

Bridal ensembles don’t come cheap and if you’re eyeing designer creations, they can make your entire budget go haywire. But did you know you can still afford these clothes without breaking the bank?

In Karachi, you can now rent designer outfits that would otherwise cost you hundreds of thousands of rupees. The service allows you to pick a bridal costume three days before the event and keep some of them for even seven days. All wedding and party clothes are dry-cleaned before they are dispatched.

So why not save up and invest the amount in something worthwhile rather than pour it into an outfit that you’re going to wear only once, or twice.

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