Video: People rescue wounded leopard in Neelum Valley

It has been moved to a hospital by the wildlife department

The first place people in Neelum Valley head to every morning is the Kishanganga (Neelum) river. On Saturday, when they reached the site, the locals found a leopard there, waiting for help.

The animal was lying on the rocks, wounded and scared. It was unable to move. Seeing the leopard, a huge number of people gathered near the river and started feeding it chickens.

In the meantime, a team from the AJK Wildlife Department reached the site. It first injected the leopard to make it unconscious and then took moved it to a hospital.

According to Naeem Iftikhar Dar, the lower body of the leopard was paralyzed. "We are suspecting it was hit by a car," he said, adding that the department has begun the animal's medical treatment.

According to a survey, the population of leopards in Pakistan ranges from 150 to 200. The animals are predominantly spread in Chitral, Swat, and Kashmir.


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