Police claim women stripped naked in Faisalabad professional thieves

Still the authorities will act against the arrested shopkeepers

The women who were beaten and stripped at Faisalabad's market Tuesday were hardened thieves, the police claimed on Wednesday.

Multiple footages have emerged of the same group stealing items from shops in Bilal Ganj and Jhang Bazar, according to official.

However, the authorities have decided to act against the shopkeepers for meting out "inhuman treatment" to the women.

The reports of women being stripped naked and beaten by shopkeepers had led to an outcry on social media on Tuesday after footages were posted online.

The Punjab police reported that they had arrested five shopkeepers.

The incident

The incident took place in a market at Sargodha Road where the shopkeepers were accused of stripping two women naked after beating them on the suspicion of theft.

Videos taken from mobile phones and CCTV cameras went viral on the internet.

A video that caused outrage shows two women stripped naked and crying surrounded by several shopkeepers and passersby.

However, in another video, four women are seen entering an electronics store and hiding coils of wire under their clothes. As the women try to leave, the shopkeeper confronts them and tries to lock them inside the shop.  

The women force their way out of the shop, the shop owner gets hold of one of them, while another woman tries to wrest her free. Upon failing, the woman tears down her shirt, after which the shop owner lets her go.

The shopkeepers say that the police were called on the spot to arrest the women but the police arrested them instead. 

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's MPA from Faisalabad Firdous Rana has said that the incident involving women robbers is a matter of shame.

Punjab Women Protection Authority’ Chairperson Fatima Chadher arrived in Faisalabad upon the directives from Chief Minister Usman Buzdar.

She said that one of the women has admitted to tearing off her clothes. 

“We are taking up the case because of the inhumane treatment meted out to these women,” said Chadher. 

Faisalabad City Police Officer Dr Abid Khan said that even if the women were robbers, the fact cannot justify the violence. Police have registered a case against the women as well but have not released the five shopkeepers arrested on Tuesday. 

The case has been registered under sections 354-A, 509, 147, and 149 of the Pakistan Penal Code. 


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