This mysterious all black chicken lays egg worth Rs10,000 each

It is a regular hen with unique appearance

Ayam Cemani is a rare breed of chicken from Indonesia that you may like to buy for not only its unique all black appearance but also for its mysterious benefits.

The chicken with gothic looks has black feathers, black eyes and black feet. Wait, it’s not just that, the internal organs are also black and so are the meat and bones.

They are regular poultry with a very unique appearance. The look is the result of excess pigmentation of the tissues.

The chicken is now found in Pakistan as well.

Faisalabad’s Muhammad Zahid has bought a pair of Ayam Cemani at a whooping Rs200,000.

According to him, chicken is popular in Arab and European countries. “The meat of this chicken is widely used in medicines,” he added.

He is interested in the farming of Ayam Cemani especially to sell its eggs as everything associated with the breed fetches a good price.

Ayam Cemani chicken is considered to be a “good-luck charm”. The chicken is black but the hens lay cream-coloured eggs and it's sold at Rs10,000 per egg.

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In the international market, the pair of this Indonesian chicken will cost you around $5,000.

National Geographic has described the fowl as the most deeply pigmented creature found in nature.

Reporting by Abdul Ahad

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