Swat carpenter transforms wood into beautiful masterpieces

Ikramullah says it's in the genes

In Swat, carpenters spend their days striking chisels with mallets and dressing down the wood with hand planer. Blocking, smoothening, and surfacing wooden planks, these craftsmen carve flowers and geometrical patterns on them to create furniture. 

Their craft is so delicate and exquisite that it is in high demand from local as well as foreign customers. 

One of these carpenters is 26-year-old Ikramullah who has spent 13 years crafting wood. This craft has been in his family for generations. Now, he employs a team of woodworkers to make sofas, beds, cupboards, and chairs. 

“We have learned this craft from our ancestors. We first chop the wood, then carve it and make design patterns on it,” said Ikramullah. 

The furniture is only prepared on demand. 

Customers say that cheaper ready-made furniture pales in comparison with these masterpieces.




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