How to publish podcasts on Facebook

The company has released guidelines for creators

Facebook will now enable select creators to publish podcasts on their Facebook page.

The app has invited a limited group of podcast producers to apply for this new feature and publish their podcasts directly on Facebook. 

Facebook launched its podcast discovery feature in June to enable users to discover and listen to podcasts without leaving the app. 

Now, the company has released detailed guidelines on who can publish podcasts on the platform and how it can be done. 

Creators from around the world can publish podcasts on their page, however only users in the US can discover and listen to these podcasts on their mobile phones. 

The company has also created an “Audio destination” where users can discover and share audio content. Here, recommendations are curated based on users’ interests. 

The company says its podcast feature will soon be rolled out for users all over the world. 

How to publish podcasts on Facebook 

First, creators need to have a page on Facebook. If you already have a page, here is how to publish podcasts on it: 

  • Go to the podcasts host and copy the RSS feed 
  • On the Facebook page, click on the “Podcast” option in the left tab to paste the RSS feed
  • Facebook will send an authentication e-mail to your registered email address  

Creators will see a green check mark confirming that their podcast has been authenticated.

All the podcasts published on the page will be listed under a podcast tab. Listeners can cut short-clips of these podcasts to share on their News Feeds. 

Who can publish podcasts on Facebook? 

Who can publish podcasts on Facebook
Source: Facebook

Facebook has listed some conditions for creators who want to publish podcasts on their page. These are: 

  • Creators must have a Facebook page with at least one administrator 
  • The page and administrators must be in good standing on Facebook
  • They must own the content and have the rights to distribute it on Facebook
  • Adhere to app’s Community Standards and ads policies
  • Agree to Facebook’s Podcast Terms of Service.


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