Is Mahira Khan's role in HKKST 'glorifying abuse'

Fans question her choice of roles

There were already signs that the fans are becoming disenchanted with the story of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay (HKKST). But now, they are calling out the actors for their roles in the serial. 

The latest episode of the serial aired Sunday night and the viewers’ reaction showed they have had enough of Usman Mukhtar’s toxicity and Mahira Khan's tolerance of it. 

#humkahankesachaythay became top Twitter trend Tuesday. Fans questioned Mahira over her role choice of roles in TV serials.

In HKKST, she is seen in an abusive relationship with Mukhtar. Viewers have said that such roles glorify “romanticised abuse”. 

In her tweet, women rights activist Kanwal Ahmed said, “Mahira [Khan] knows and acknowledges the damage caused by regressive content that romanticizes abuse. Yet, she repeatedly takes on roles that strengthen that same problematic narrative.” 

Several other viewers have also echoed similar sentiments over the actor's character in the serial and how it is “normalizing domestic violence and abusive marriages.” 

Some viewers even went as far as suggesting an alternative storyline for the serial. 

Mahira Khan

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