Hania Aamir at Asim Azhar’s concert throws Twitter into frenzy

Grooves away with friends like there’s no tomorrow
Photo: Screengrab
Photo: Screengrab

Hania Aamir just made a surprise appearance at Asim Azhar’s live concert and social media has gone crazy.

Hania had been keeping a low profile on social media after she was attacked for her video with filmmaker Wajahat Rauf’s son in June. Although she often posted videos of her singing, dancing and hanging out with her friend’s family, Hania stopped sharing glimpses into her personal life after some angry fans accused her of seeking attention following the video.

At the same time, Hania was a victim of cyberbullying too when one of her Instagram live videos was given a controversial edit and shared widely on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Given the stress and trolls leaving rude comments on her timeline in bulk, Hania decided to take a break from social media and used it only for her professional commitments.

But what made most news throughout the controversy was Hania and singer Asim Azhar’s subtle battle of words. Hania and Asim had been linked for over a year but they had never publicly announced their relationship. However, Asim’s over-the-top surprises for Hania and her posts for him led to speculation that the two were seeing each other. The rumours were put to rest after Hania admitted in an Instagram live that they were just “good friends”.

“You can either be a celebrity or a bitter ex with no dignity,” Hania had tweeted after Asim posted a funny tweet while she was facing online attacks following her video controversy. Her tweet prompted strong reactions from both her own and Asim’s supporters and Twitter turned into a battleground. Asim then posted a long note taking subtle digs at Hania (without naming her) and opened up for the first time on the bullying and harassment he faced after Hania’s Instagram live in which she claimed she and him were just friends.

The two never interacted on social media afterwards, either directly or indirectly, and soon everyone forgot about what had happened.

But that was until the videos of Hania Aamir rocking at Asim Azhar’s latest concert streamed social media and surprised everyone.

Many people are glad that Hania, without caring about what people say, is celebrating and enjoying her life to the fullest. They are hoping Hania and Asim are friends again.

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