Spotify is testing its own short-video feature like TikTok

Artists can post videos to their playlists

Spotify has confirmed that it is experimenting a new short-video feature like TikTok on the app. The music streaming app becomes the latest addition in the long list of apps which are testing or have introduced the vertical-video feature. 

According to reports, the name of Spotify’s video feature is Discover, a vertical music video feed that users can scroll through. 

This feature was first spotted by Chris Messina, who also tweeted about it. 

According to Messina, those who have been granted early access to this feature can find a "Discover" icon in the navigation bar at the bottom of the app. 

Spotify has confirmed that it is working on the feature but didn’t say when will it be rolled out for wider use. 

Earlier, Spotify also began testing a Snapchat-style Stories feature. The feature allows select music artists and creators on the app to add videos to their public playlists. 

This week, Netflix also began testing a new short-video feature for its iOS users. According to Bloomberg, the feature “Kids Clips” includes short videos for kids. These clips are taken from the library of children’s content available on the platform. 

The OTT platform earlier launched a similar feature "Fast Laughs” to promote its comedy content. 

Other major tech platforms that have launched short-form video feature like TikTok are YouTube and Instagram. YouTube launched YouTube Shorts last year which allows users to record and upload videos up to 60 seconds long. 

Instagram Reel, or Reels, can be up to 60 seconds long and users can add AR effects, timer and countdown and music to their Reels. 






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