Hareem Shah’s first salary will blow you away

She represented a company based in Dubai
Photo: YouTube/Nashpati Prime
Photo: YouTube/Nashpati Prime

Hareem Shah is not making viral TikToks any more but her revelations are making enough news anyway.

Hareem Shah was once among the most popular TikTokers in Pakistan. Her short video bites were followed by a string of controversies, including her maneuvers inside the Foreign Office and charging a slap across Mufti Qavi’s face. 

Hareem then ventured into the world of OTT with the web series Raaz for UrduFlix.

And then came the rumours that she had secretly tied the knot with a “PPP leader”, only to be confirmed by Hareem herself. Her husband turned out to be a party worker named Bilal, with Hareem claiming he was close to former president Asif Ali Zardari and Bilawal Bhutto. She even shared a photo with Bilal months after announcing her marriage and called him “her baby, sweet king and life”.

Hareem is often in the news because of her interesting revelations about Sheikh Rasheed as well. She claims that it is “because of her that the politician isn’t married yet”. 

Hareem recently appeared on Tabish Hashmi’s web show To Be Honest. The promos of the show were widely circulated on social media last week as Hareem was seen making a phone call to Sheikh Rasheed only to be snubbed by him.

But it looks like she has more interesting things to share about her life and career, especially her first salary that has blown the viewers away.

“There was a company in Dubai,” says Hareem in a viral clip from TBH. “They called me there and I became their brand ambassador.”

Hareem revealed that her first salary was Rs600,000.

“And today even Rs600,000 isn’t enough,” she added with a broad smile.

Hareem’s TBH episode has been viewed over 370,000 times since its premiere on Thursday. 

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Hareem Shah


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