Mia Khalifa says Taylor Swift ‘ruined her life’

She can't hold back her tears
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Mia Khalifa mostly treats her fans to glammed up photos and fun TikToks, but this time she has a few tears to shed on social media.

Mia Khalifa is among the most active as well as the most followed celebrity influencers. With over 26 million followers on Instagram alone, Mia never holds back from speaking her mind but sometimes she wears her heart on her sleeve too.

Mia, who now runs a YouTube channel where she talks fitness, sports and cosmetic procedures, announced in July that she was getting divorced after two years of marriage. The couple had tried their “absolute hardest” to make things work, but parted ways after a year of therapy and efforts. 

Although Mia Khalifa’s recent feed is all about fashion, food, workouts, and holidays at exotic locations, her Instagram stories tell a different story altogether. She shared a video that shows her cuddling her dog and her face wet with tears.

“Blondie has ruined her life with this 10-minute All Too Well,” Mia wrote with the video. She was referring to the re-recorded version of Taylor Swift’s hit song All Too Well, which she released earlier this week as a short film. Mia is a big fan of Taylor and she was moved to tears by the lyrics about a relationship that has fallen apart, playing in the background.

Mia Khalifa's life ruined by Taylor Swift
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All Too Well has been viewed over 44 million times in just nine days. It has been directed by Taylor Swift herself.

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