Zahir Jaffer thrown out of court, again

He interrupted the cross-examination of witnesses
Nov 10, 2021

Zahir Jaffer, the prime suspect in the Noor Mukadam murder case, was, once again, expelled from an Islamabad sessions court for interrupting witness cross-examination.

At a hearing on Wednesday, all the accused persons appeared before Judge Atta Rabbani. During the cross-examination of Muhammad Imran, the in-charge of the National Forensic Crime Agency, Zahir interrupted. He asked the judge if a compromise could be reached.

"Are you even listening to me," he pushed. At this point, Judge Rabbani ordered the police to take Zahir, his father, and four household staff out of the courtroom. The prime suspect was then taken to the holding cell, while the other suspects were allowed back inside.

At a hearing last week, Zahir was thrown out of court for misbehaving with the judge and hurling obscenities at the court. He attacked police officers as well. Consequently, an FIR was registered and Zahir was given a final warning to "mend his attitude".

Statements of witnesses

Meanwhile, Imran, in his statement, said that he saw Noor's severed head near a window in Zahir's house.

Noor, the daughter of former diplomat Shaukat Mukadam, was found murdered at a residence in Islamabad’s Sector F-7/4 on July 20.

"The murder weapon was lying there as well which was later seized."

A pistol, magazine, and cigarettes were found from the prime suspect's bedroom as well. "All of the evidence was collected in a parcel and submitted to the investigation officer," Imran told the court.

Answering a question by Advocate Akram Qureshi, the counsel of Therapy Works, the witness said that he reached the crime site at 10:30pm. "I got a call from the SP's office to reach Zahir's house immediately. It was Eid the next day. When I got there, between eight to 10 people were already there at the crime site."

Imran stayed at Zahir's house for three hours. "Fingerprints from knife were taken but not from the gun and the knuckleduster."

All the evidence collected from Zahir's house was then presented in court, including the DVR, CCTV footage, and hard disks.

Judge Rabbani has summoned four other witnesses at the next hearing as well. The hearing has been adjourned till November 17.

On Tuesday, the transcript of the CCTV footage obtained from the crime site was submitted in court. It detailed the events that took place at Zahir Jaffer’s house on the night of July 19.

Last month, the sessions court began the case trial of the Noor Mukadam murder case. Earlier, 12 suspects including the prime suspect Zahir Jaffer were indicted for the murder of Noor Mukadam.

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