PM Imran blames your morals for Pakistan's economic downfall

Says idealism is better than realism

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the economic downfall of a country is always followed by the moral decline of its people.

He was addressing the passing out parade of the 44th special training program of Pakistan Administrative Services. Pakistan was on course to become a great county but then the collective morality of the nation declined, the PM pointed out. 

“In the 80s our economy was better than [that of] India and Bangladesh, but slowly they left us behind. And it happened because our moralities waned, and this decline started from the elites of our society.”

The Prime minister regretted that people in the country don't consider corruption and theft as "evil." 

Be an idealist, not a realist   

Addressing the participants of PAS, the prime minister urged them to dream big. Be an idealist, not a realist.

“Idealism tells you that nothing is impossible and it comes from imaan,” PM Khan said. “I always advise my youth to study the life of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and understand how he ruled the Arab world.” 

He advised the youth to choose the right path and not the path of destruction. “In your life, you will always have to choose between two paths. There will be a tougher path, which appears difficult, and the other will be the shortcut, which everyone else will opt for.” 

You will have to overcome the temptation to take the easier path because it will only lead to destruction, he said, adding that a righteous person has a great influence over the society.

Imran Khan

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