Amitabh Bachchan’s semi-final hopes turned into jokes

India knocked out of T20 World Cup
Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

The T20 World Cup 2021 has given Pakistanis several reasons to celebrate and one of them is arch-rival India being out of the tournament.

India beaten and the 12-match losing streak broken, New Zealand crushed on the pitch, Afghanistan defeated, victory against Namibia, and then Scotland trounced. This World Cup edition keeps on giving cricket fans but what is not enough is the time to celebrate one victory that is instantly followed by another.

However, the hype that a Pakistan-India cricket face-off generates alone is far greater than that of any blockbuster. The craze is not just confined to the stadium, but it sets the stage for meme shows and ugly fights on social media as well.

Something similar happened when Pakistanis were blessed with another reason to celebrate on Sunday. New Zealand beating Afghanistan meant India’s journey in this tournament came to an end as they were out of contention for the semi-finals.

Just like any other fan not wanting to see India being disqualified ahead of the New Zealand-Afghanistan game, Amitabh Bachchan had hoped for the best too. His tweet, however, became a joke after New Zealand beat Afghanistan. 

“Irrespective of what the results of tomorrow's NZ vs Afg game are in the T20 ICC World Cup,” he said, “remember this… we have scored the highest total till date in the tournament. KL Rahul made the fastest 50; and we defeated the opposing team in a record 6+ overs.”

Cricket fans from Pakistan swarmed over to Amitabh’s timeline to break the news of India’s defeat to him (as if he didn’t know already). As for the fastest 50 record held by KL Rahul, all-rounder Shoaib Malik smashed a staggering 54 off 18 balls. 

People dug out hilarious screenshots (which served the purpose) and turned them into memes you just couldn’t take your eyes off. 

Some reminded him that it was India’s own “son-in-law” who had equalled the fastest 50 record. Others were disappointed that the “worst record” in India’s basket was being beaten by 10 wickets by Pakistan.

Pakistan will descend on the pitch against Australia on Thursday. 

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