Watch: Islamabad’s ‘Goldman’ is looking for a decent job

A golden statue that stuns tourists with dance moves

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Reporting by Shahzad Ali

A golden “statue” who moves everywhere in Islamabad and makes people smile with his dance moves.

The 21-year-old has shades, a jacket, and a cap. Covered in golden glitter from head to toe, Ehsan had a tough time in the beginning with his unique idea. The Islamabad police were not ready to allow a man to freeze wherever he wants. He went to the Central Development Authority seeking a permit to showcase his skills, but had no luck.

Ehsan then obtained a no-objection certificate from the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad.

He disguises himself as Goldman at dawn and walks down to popular tourist spots. The golden statue then stuns people with its moves.

He had to start earning a living in Islamabad from a young age after the demise of his father. Disguising his misery and grief under a mask was hardly a choice.

Ehsan now wants to find a decent job and fulfill his dreams and aspirations of giving his family a quality life.

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