Veena Malik’s curious Twitter case leaves people scratching their heads

Opinions are hers, but words aren’t
Photo: YouTube/Har Lamha Purjosh
Photo: YouTube/Har Lamha Purjosh

Veena Malik is back in the spotlight with yet another controversy.

You may be familiar with Veena Malik’s choice of words on social media but her recent revelation about her curious case of tweets has left people scratching their heads. Apparently, she is and is not the one typing out those controversial tweets that often place her at the centre of criticism.

A clip from Waseem Badami’s show Masoomana Sawal has been circulating on social media in which he is reading out Veena’s inappropriate tweets to her.

Waseem started by saying that there is nothing wrong about expressing your opinions or being inclined towards a political party. But he wondered if Veena thought her choice of words could have been better.

He then requested Veena to allow him to read a few of her tweets which were clearly in poor taste, especially her digs at the PML-N leaders. 

“Oh my goodness,” said Veena. “What happens on Twitter remains on Twitter. Let’s not bring it to Waseem Badami’s show.”

Veena added that everyone should have a point of view but Waseem argued that he wasn’t questioning her opinions, but the way she conveys them. Waseem asked how she would feel if people started using the same language for her too.

“This is what they started,” Veena said. “I think the words are still quite polite, reality is much more bitter.”

But her startling revelation was that the opinions in her tweets are always hers, but the words mostly aren’t. 

“Whose writing them,” asked Waseem.

Veena revealed that she tells her team to write what people are thinking as she can’t write Urdu well. She called her tweets “original”.

But confusion arises when Veena admits again that she is the one tweeting, but words aren’t hers. She appears to be clueless about what is happening on her timeline.

“I take my thoughts from the public, I go through what people are thinking, what they are talking about, and I pick it from there.”

Waseem wondered if Veena has “outsourced” her account.

Her revelation was met with equally curious responses on Twitter. Some people quipped that they had blocked Veena because of her tweets, but now pity her as she herself doesn’t know who is writing them. Others took her confessions as an opportunity to churn out some Twitter-worthy memes.

Watch complete video here.

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