WhatsApp to roll out new features for desktop users

Beta version for desktop app was released in August
Oct 28, 2021
Source: Screenshot
Source: Screenshot

The popular instant messaging app WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature that will allow users to make changes to their privacy setting from desktop. 

According to WABetaInfo, an independent portal that keeps track of updates to WhatsApp, the new feature will allow users to “manage privacy settings from within WhatsApp Desktop.”

Currently, WhatsApp doesn’t allow users to manage privacy setting from WhatsApp Web, its desktop version of the app.

The desktop version only allows users to manage notification settings, change theme and chat wallpaper, and manage blocked contacts. 

Users can change privacy settings through mobile app only. 

After the update, users will be able to modify privacy settings like who can see their last seen, profile photo, and about, from WhatsApp Web, according to WaBetaInfo. 

Users will also be able to enable or disable read receipts (also known as the blue ticks) and choose who can add them in groups. The option to manage blocked contacts will also be moved in this new section of privacy settings. 

WhatsApp hasn’t announced when this new feature will be rolled out. But it will be first available for beta testers. 

What is beta version for WhatsApp Desktop? 

WhatsApp released the beta version for desktop app in August this year. Users can enroll in the public beta testing to try out the new features that will be coming on WhatsApp's desktop app.  

Beta testers get early and instant access to those features before they are rolled out for public use. 

Beta channel users can give feedback on these features and can report the issues they are facing with the new updates. 



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