Cyberattack cripples fuel distribution stations across Iran

Details of the attack are not yet known
Oct 26, 2021

A cyberattack has targeted gas stations across Iran, causing widespread disruption in the country’s fuel subsidies managing system on Tuesday.

“The disruption in the refueling system at gas stations, causing problems in the refueling process of vehicles for hours, has been caused by a cyberattack,” Nournews, a website close to Iran’s Supreme National Security Council reported.

It added that experts were working to solve the issue and the refueling process at gas stations would return to normal soon.

Details of the cyberattack are not yet known.

Earlier, Ali Forouzandeh, a spokesman for Iran’s ministry of petroleum, said that the refueling process had been interrupted (at) gas pumps that read smart cards used to procure rationed fuel.

He told reporters that people could still buy gas at unsubsidized rates.

The official added the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company had disconnected the smart distribution system.

Meanwhile, a senior Iranian lawmaker said that the Parliament’s Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf had ordered an investigation into the incident.

Head of the Parliament’s Energy Committee Fereydoun Hassanvand also rejected reports that a possible increase in fuel price had caused the disruption.

Millions of drivers rely on fuel cards that the administration uses to manage the distribution of subsidized gasoline.


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