Video: Runaway ostrich choked to death on Lahore’s Canal road

It caused a major traffic clog in Muslim town
Oct 25, 2021

A runaway ostrich was spotted on Lahore’s Canal Road, shocking drivers. The bird died of choking after it was caught.

The bird, thought to have fled somewhere in suburbs, started running on the main road, causing a major traffic blockage in Muslim Town.

People caught the bird and were trying to tie it. It died of strangulation after people choked off its air passage during its capture. The bird’s dead body was later moved from the road.

So far, it is not known from where the ostrich escaped. Police have started an investigation.

Ostriches are known to be superb runners and they can sprint at speeds of up to 45 mph on average, with a peak of 60 mph in short dashes.

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