Mahira is 'taking challenges head-on' in Aik Hai Nigar

Trailer for the telefilm is out
Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

The trailer for Mahira Khan’s highly anticipated telefilm Aik Hai Nigar is out and she appears ambitious and fierce as Pakistan’s first woman lieutenant general, Nigar Johar Khan.

The two-minute clip chronicles Nigar’s journey as she proves herself by making remarkable achievements in the forces against uncertainty. 

“So grateful to the universe for this… this experience, this role, this time,” Mahira wrote, sharing the trailer. “I hope and pray that we did justice to Gen Nigar’s life and legacy.”

Bilal Ashraf is playing Mahira’s husband Johar Ali Khan, who lent full support to his wife while she made a name for herself and became the first woman lieutenant general as well as surgeon general. Mahira had shared Bilal’s first look on Saturday.

“If you ask Gen Nigar Johar about Sir Johar, she will always reply with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes,” Mahira said. “The man behind this legend of a woman - Johar Ali Khan.”

She expressed gratitude to Bilal for playing an “important role” which Nigar was most particular about. “You put so much heart and soul into this.”

Aik Hai Nigar is Bilal’s television debut. Model Khushhal Khan, who starred as one of the leads in the teenage web series Midsummer Chaos, will play Nigar’s brother, Shahid.

Mahira remarked that no one could have played Shahid better than Khushhal.

Aik Hai Nigar is produced by Nina Kashif and Mahira herself. It is written by Umera Ahmed and directed by Adnan Sarwar.

The telefilm will be aired on ARY on October 23, 2021.

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