Ali Gul Pir responds to ‘sasta Met Gala’ backlash

Rapper will not take dictation
Photo: Instagram/Ali Gul Pir
Photo: Instagram/Ali Gul Pir

If you think being on Ali Gul Pir’s timeline gives you the license to dictate what he should and should not wear, then you are wrong.

It all started with Ali’s “low-budget” version of the Met Gala.

The rapper put together a close copy of American actor Lili Reinhart’s sheer baby pink corset outfit adorned with colorful flowers. The loofahs on Ali’s net ensemble looked quite close to the florals on Lili’s outfit representing the 50 American states.

Some people couldn’t help praising Ali’s “net wala low-budget Gala” and requested him to recreate Kim Kardashian’s shroud ensemble. But others took offence at his post and tried to make Ali feel bad about his content.

However, Ali hit back at his detractors and made it clear that he will not be dictated to when it comes to creative freedom.

“I will wear what I want to, make what I want to and say what I want to” he tweeted. “Nobody will define my masculinity or dictate my creativity. Don’t hate me because I make you feel insecure.” 

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