Meesha Shafi opens up on mental health struggles

Singer urges people to seek help
Photo: Instagram/Meesha Shafi
Photo: Instagram/Meesha Shafi

Meesha Shafi has shared her personal experience and listed out a number of ways in which people who are struggling with their mental health can help themselves.

“[I] was struggling with my mental health these past few weeks,” she wrote, sharing a refreshing photo of herself. “Bouts of low lying anxiety, low energy, motivation.”

The singer shared how people online may not be able to understand what is happening with someone beyond social media. “Of course, it’s impossible for anyone to tell, especially onlookers online.”

This is Meesha’s first detailed post since September 15, when she walked her followers through the production of her latest single Hot Mango Chutney Sauce.

She has made it clear that she does not consider trolls in the slightest. “And after editing a lot of people out of my periphery, I now keep myself insulated and interact with a trusted few loved ones and those I resonate with as far as core values go. Speaking of insulation, the bigger realisation it has brought is that our own mind is the biggest troll if we let it be.”

She has urged people with mental health problems to seek help.

“So please… anyone struggling with mental health, talk to a trusted one if you can’t get professional help. Be gentle with yourself, tender and patient. Sleep extra if you need to.”

Meesha advised taking a break from family if one feels triggered by them. “Sit in silence. Cry if it comes. Count your blessings and on days when that doesn’t come easy, pray for ease.”

Showing yourself small acts of kindness such as having ice cream in your pyjamas can make a difference too, she suggests.

“Don’t judge yourself.”

Armeena Khan and Naimal Khawar have shared similar messages for their followers in the past. Naimal believes the desire to keep everyone happy can consume people's need to look after themselves, especially after entering parenthood.

Therefore, they should always take care of themselves, she had said.

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