Watch: Lahore doctors protest outside Punjab university

They want licensing exams cancelled
Oct 11, 2021

A group of young doctors gathered outside the University of Punjab in Lahore Monday in protest against the National Licensing Exam.

The protesters gathered near the Canal Road with placards and chanted slogans against the Pakistan Medical Commission. "We won't tolerate the torture and attack on our brothers in Islamabad," the demonstrators said.

They added that they won't budge unless their demands are met.

Last week, protesting doctors tried to break into the PMC in Islamabad. Consequently, a clash broke out between the doctors and the police. A number of demonstrators were arrested later.

The doctors want the compulsion to sit for the National Licensing Exam to be revoked.

The Pakistan Medical Commission has announced that in order to practice in Pakistan, doctors will have to take a licensing exam after completing five years of education. Young doctors argue that the additional examination was unfair as they had already passed the same exam to obtain their MBBS degrees.

Meanwhile, doctors across the country boycotted OPDs at government hospitals.



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