PFF Normalisation Committee gets another mandate extension from FIFA

Its the fourth extension after it's appointment in 2019
Oct 01, 2021

The Pakistan Football Federation Normalisation Committee will stay in place for three more months after FIFA extended its mandate on Friday.

The PFF, however, stays banned by the world's football governing body due to third-party interference after occupation of its headquarters by a group led by Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah.

Ashfaq claims he is the legitimate president of the PFF as he won the body's elections conducted by the Supreme Court in 2018 before he handed over its charge to the Normalisation Committee in late 2019.

He carried out what FIFA termed a "hostile takeover' of the PFF House in Lahore in March this year, which led to the ban.

"The Bureau of the FIFA Council has today decided to extend the mandate of the normalisation committee of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF), which was due to expire on 30 September 2021, until 31 December 2021," a FIFA statement read late on Friday.

The Normalisation Committee has been given its fourth extension since it was appointed two years ago with a mandate to conduct the PFF elections after long standing disputes between warring factions.

The last extension was given by FIFA to for the Normalisation Committee to carry out "legal and administrative efforts" on ground to get the ban lifted after the PFF House is vacated.

This time too, FIFA has cited the same reasons for the extension.

"The Bureau took note that the normalisation committee had been diligently monitoring the situation on the ground and achieved considerable progress on the judicial and government fronts in an effort to meet the criteria for the suspension of the PFF to be lifted," it said.

"At present, however, the PFF’s premises continue to be occupied and the PFF therefore remains suspended.

"Consequently, the Bureau has decided to extend the mandate of the normalisation committee in order to allow for the administrative and legal efforts on the ground to continue, with the aim of meeting the requirements for the PFF’s suspension to be lifted so that the tasks of the normalisation committee’s mandate can be carried out."


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