Report: About 5% Saudi husbands face physical abuse by wives

Wives also use ‘amulets, charms and sorcery’ to wield influence
Sep 29, 2021
Photo: Arab News
Photo: Arab News

At least 5% of husbands in Saudi Arabia face physical abuse by their wives, head of a committee working for eliminating domestic abuse Dr Hamid AlShayji said on Wednesday.

According to Sabaq website, husbands in Saudi Arabia also faced extreme violence and physical abuse at the hands of their wives. It cited a case in which a husband had endured beatings with electric wire.

While cases of verbal abuse abounded, where Saudi husbands had to endure humiliation on a daily basis.

The website said that the root cause of such cases was a visible difference in ages of both husbands and wives. “Mostly, such cases of domestic abuse occur when husbands are elderly and wives are still of younger age,” the website said.

It also detailed cases in which wives even resorted to use “talismans, amulets, charms and sorcery to influence their husbands”.

The basic responsibility of the committee is protection of families in addition to giving useful advice.

“Almost 90% of those who contact us are women who are eager to safeguard their households,” Dr Shayji said.

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