Hareem Shah just confused us about getting married

The TikToker gave interview on religion, politics and marriage

Hareem Shah says she has no plans to get married any time soon -- months after she had said she had gotten married to a politician.

She appeared on Sajid Hasan’s YouTube show, Zindagi with Sajid Hasan, uploaded on September 17. The host asked Hareem if marriage was on the cards.  

“Even Sheikh Rashid isn’t married yet," she responded. "Why does no one ask him the same question?”

In this interview Hareem did not reveal her husband's name nor did she talk about her marriage. It is unclear if this show was shot before or after her Instagram announcements on June 28 that she had married a politician.


If you are confused, bear with us. Yes, the TikToker had sent social media into a frenzy in June after posting a photo flaunting a diamond ring. There was speculation that it was from her engagement followed by several photos of her in bridal clothes. She later confirmed that a wedding to a mysterious “famous” member of the Pakistan Peoples Party had taken place in Karachi. It was attended by her husband’s friends and many people from her side, she said.

On 7 se 8 with Kiran Naz on SAMAA TV, Hareem had again confirmed that she got married but that she was not disclosing her husband's name. She said she was going to Turkey and when I come back there will be a valima. I can't give details now, because of some family issues.

On the Sajid Hasan show, Hareem said that marriage comes with a lot of responsibility, and then becoming a mother means being alive solely for your children. She was not ready for that yet. Sajid then asked if she received proposals from within the family and if she broke any hearts. Hareem replied that it's probably the opposite as those families are probably happy she didn’t end up as their daughter-in-law.

Childhood and education

Hareem told Sajid that her family came from a conservative background, but because both her parent’s worked she was given the opportunity to receive an education. She said she was always interested in other religions such as Christianity and Buddhism but learning about them becomes easier when you know your own religion well.

On her current political stance

Hareem also spoke about her political beliefs. She said she was disappointed with the current government. Sajid asked her who she would like to see in power next, to which she took the name: Pakistan People’s Party.

After being asked if she would run for elections, Hareem said she would run a campaign but never contest for a political leader’s position. Hareem also named Bilawal Bhutto, Imran Khan, and Tariq Jamil as influential figures she looks up to. 

Hareem Shah


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