Meesha Shafi is bringing you her hot 'sauce'

She has told followers to mark the date

Ever heard of a song that left you with your mouth watering? Meesha Shafi has something brewing. 

“Yeh koi aam chutney nahin,” Meesha wrote, sharing a poster for her new single (This is no regular chutney).

The poster shows a jar with neon yellow contents and what appears to be truck art in the background. The song is set for release on September 10, 2021.

“Mark the date,” Meesha remarked.

The singer tagged a number of creatives in her post, including model Emaan Suleman, Rubab Ali and musician Abdullah Siddiqui.

Emaan has shared a clip on her own account. It shows her chopping chillies with a microphone positioned in front of her. 

The single is being produced by Abdullah.

Meesha Shafi's new single releasing on Sep 10
Meesha Shafi's new single releasing on Sep 10
Photo: Instagram/Abdullah Siddiqui

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Meesha Shafi

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