Amna Ilyas apologises for viral stunt video

I agree it was in bad taste, she says

Amna Ilyas has issued a clarification for her video which was surfacing on the internet last week.

The video showed the actor kicking a young man’s head in an attempt to perform a kick-off stunt which went wrong.

Soon after the video was posted, people questioned if it needed to be shared on social media. In response, the actor posted an apology on Instagram.

“To all you lovely fans out there, meet Nigel! @_nigelgill_He is not my house help. He is an actor and he’s my nephew,” she said,

In the video, Nigel said: “If I’m not hurt, then why are people getting hurt?”

He quipped that people should have given him money instead of the amount of attention they have been giving him since last week.

“Why can’t I be a cousin, brother, or nephew? Just because I’m dark, you assumed that I must be a poor worker. I don’t need help, you do.”

In the end Amna appeared in the video and also apologised for disrespecting food. “I agree it was in bad taste and I apologise for it”, she said.

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Amna Ilyas

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