Nida Yasir’s ‘Formula One’ misunderstanding leaves Twitter aghast

She has become a top trend on Twitter

Nida Yasir, host of the popular morning show Good Morning Pakistan, has become a top trend on Twitter after a clip from her show went viral. The interview aired in 2016.

“How many people can fit the car?” is what the viral clip begins. Nida is interviewing two young men in suits who have a hard time explaining to her the dynamics of a Formula One car, which is a single-seat racing vehicle.

“So, you have started with one [person], small car?” To this, one of the men very politely explains that a Formula car can only accommodate one rider.

"So you have just invented the formula yet?" Nida says. "Have you experimented?"

After a lot of confusion, Nida wonders whether or not Formula One works just like the “petrol wali gaari”. She inquires about the horn too.

People on Twitter had some strong reactions to the clip. Some of them were nasty. One of them said that Nida should stick to only wedding-theme shows.

Someone sarcastically joked that Formula car companies would be making a three-seater formula car after watching Nida's show.

One person took a jibe at Nida for her lack of research.

But many people defended her by saying that Nida should not be trolled for her lack of knowledge on racing vehicles. Many remarked that some people did not even know what a Formula One car is and that they might have looked it up on the internet after the clip went viral.

Training for TV anchors

Nida's clip exposes one major problem in the media industry: a lack of proper training. Mass Communication degrees at universities do not offer any academic or practical training for young people who may want to pursue careers in broadcast journalism.

The young men and women who want to become anchors often come from backgrounds in which it is not necessarily possible for them to gain admission or afford a four-year degree in Mass Communication. Some of them start with internships and work their way through the ranks of television channels.

Here are some tips from the SAMAA TV anchors on what you can do if you want to do this job:

  1. Start with internships in reporting. Newspapers and digital newsrooms are more likely to take interns in the summer. Ideally interns should be paid, but if you get an unpaid internship take it. Learn how to do reporting.
  2. Master reading aloud confidently in Urdu. The majority of television channels in Pakistan are Urdu language. If you have studied in English all your life then suddenly entering a workplace where you have to read Urdu live from a teleprompter or make scripts in Urdu can be a challenge.
  3. Take up public speaking or declamation and debating while at university. This will give you confidence and the ability to think on your feet.
  4. Keep up-to-date with the news. Read the newspapers every morning. Read about the history of events and people. As an anchor you will have to know personalities and their backgrounds to be able to interview them. Anchors need to know vast amounts of general knowledge and specific developments of recent history.

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