'PSL-style' league attempts to change the fate of Pakistan football

Its organisers GSV claim it will be a game-changer
Sep 02, 2021

A private company, named Global Soccer Ventures, announced last month that it will be organising a football league in Pakistan based on the model of the Pakistan Super League.

The announcement came at a time when Pakistan is banned by FIFA and GSV has signed an agreement with a Pakistan Football Federation which is not recognised by the world football governing body.

GSV CEO Zabe Khan, while talking SAMAA Digital, claimed that despite the controversies surrounding Pakistan football, the league will help the sport flourish in the country.

Zabe also talked about the structure of the PFL, and how it will help raise the standard of the Pakistani footballers.

The FIFA ban on Pakistan

FIFA banned Pakistan citing third-party interference after Ashfaq Hussain Shah group's takeover of the Pakistan Football Federation headquarters in March.

The members and the staff of the FIFA-appointed Normalisation Committee being were asked to leave the PFF House and handover its accounts to the Ashfaq's men.

The Normalisation Committee was appointed by FIFA to conduct the PFF elections and end a long-standing dispute between warring factions in Pakistan football.

FIFA had categorically denounced the Ashfaq Shah group's legitimacy and termed the takeover "illegal".

However, Ashfaq, who was elected as the PFF president following polls by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in 2018, claims that the law of the land allows him to run the sport in the country.

The ban means Pakistan's national teams cannot participate in international events and local tournaments will be virtually useless if there are no national teams in place.

However, Shah had said FIFA's ban won't mean football will halt domestically. Therefore, he signed the agreement with GSV.

GSV CEO Zabe claimed the Pakistan Football League is a ray of hope for local footballers, who want to perform in a more professional and lucrative footballing eco-system.

He also responded to questions about the legitimacy of the PFL with the backdrop of the FIFA ban.

Pakistan forward Saadullah Khan has also voiced his opinion about the development during his interview with SAMAA Digital.


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