PM Imran Khan launches Ehsaas School Stipends programme

Stresses on education for women
Sep 01, 2021

Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the Ehsaas School Stipends programme on Wednesday.

"Over 20 million students across Pakistan are outside school and it's extremely sad that over the years, the governments have failed to address this issue," the premier said in a ceremony in Islamabad.

The Ehsaas School Stipends programme aims to tackle this.

The PM pointed out another issue that needs to be addressed -- the education of girls. "Our students, specially young women, are the nation's asset. By keeping them from education, we are wasting our assets."

The education of women in our society is more important than the education of men because they are the primary caretakers of children. "This is why we have decided to give more incentives to girls than boys."

The prime minister said that the West believes Pakistan doesn't want to educate their girls. "There is a major misconception here. Parents have always been eager to send their children to schools but couldn't because of the lack of resources."

The new Ehsaas programme will not only empower students but also parents, he added.

What is the Ehsaas School Stipends programme?

Under the new project, school scholarships will be awarded to deserving students, between the ages of four and 22, from lower-income groups across the country. The scholarships will be awarded on merit.

They will be given to parents who can ensure 70% or more attendance of their children in schools. Students of primary, secondary, and higher secondary classes will be eligible for the scholarships.

Ehsaas School Stipends will have a special quota for girls to encourage parents to get them educated. Here's the class-wise breakup of stipends:

  • Primary classes - Rs1,500 for boys and Rs2,000 for girls
  • Secondary classes - Rs2,500 for boys and Rs3,000 for girls
  • Higher secondary classes - Rs3,500 for boys and Rs4,000 for girls

Upon graduation, an Ehsaas Graduation Bonus of Rs3,000 will be awarded to students. The amounts will be given to the students' parents.

To ensure transparency of the payments, the programme will be completely digitalised.

According to a statement by Prime Minister Imran Khan's Office, over 10 million students across the country are out of school. The Ehsaas Schools Stipends programme aims to educate them.

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